8 pack Outdoor Christmas Bows made with Red Velvet Gold Wired Ribbon 2 Big Bows 15″x 44″ inch and 6 Premium Bows 10″x 26″ Handmade Indoor Outdoor Christmas Decoration Arrives Fluffy Not Flat


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Professional Decorator Pack of Christmas Bows

  • 2 Pack Big Red Velvet Gold Wired Edge Christmas Bows
  • AND a 6 Pack 10x26 Decor Bows with Red Velvet Gold Wired Edge
  • Ships Fluffy in Box NOT Flat in Envelope
  • Outdoor | Indoor Fancy Christmas Bows for Entryway
  • Classic Christmas Decorations
Dimensions: 15"W 44"L with 2/36" tails, 10 big loops with center loop, #100 (4" width) waterproof velvet with gold wired edge ribbon and 10"W 26"L with 2/20" tails, 10 loops with center loop, #40 (2 1/2" width) waterproof velvet gold wired edge ribbon.

Since 1974 people have been buying Handmade Bows because they want high quality handmade products rugged enough to withstand the harshest conditions and luxurious enough to be displayed at the entrance of their home or on their mantel. Great Christmas Decoration Idea;Use 2 Big Bows on Front Gate and 6 Bows along fence Put 2 Big Bows Together for 1 BIG Tree Topper Bow! Buy extra ribbon and wrap bows around trees. DECORATING HINT: Use bungee cords to wrap around trees and secure your bows!

Professional decorators appreciate the quality and convenience of Handmade Bows.

This pack Includes 2 sturdy Big Red Velvet Gold Wired Edge Bows (15" Wide x 44" Long with 2/36" Tails) and 6 durable Red Velvet Gold Wired Edge Bows (10" Wide x 26" Long with 2/20" Tails) all made with heavy gauge green florist wire, velvet gold wired edge waterproof ribbon, wired ready to decorate right out of the box. Our Christmas bows are Custom Packaged to ensure your bows arrive in perfect "Fluffy" condition. Free Shipping upon purchase.