Automaton Cor (Heart) handcrafted wooden steampunk wall clock by WOODANDROOT unique, personalized christmas gift, anniversary gift, large wall clock, home decor, wall art


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As one of the vital organs, the heart was long identified as the center of the entire body, the seat of life, or emotion, or reason, will, intellect, purpose or the mind. The heart is an emblematic symbol in many religions, signifying "truth, conscience or moral courage in many religions - the temple or throne of God in Islamic and Judeo-Christian thought; the divine centre, or atman, and the third eye of transcendent wisdom in Hinduism; the diamond of purity and essence of the Buddha; the Taoist centre of understanding."

An automaton (pronunciation: /ɔːˈtɒmətən/)(plural: automata or automatons) is a self-operating machine, or a machine or control mechanism designed to follow automatically a predetermined sequence of operations, or respond to predetermined instructions.
Some automata, such as bellstrikers in mechanical clocks, are designed to give the illusion to the casual observer that they are operating under their own power.


Our handcrafted wooden clock is made of many layers of Baltic birch,wood stained and acrylic painted. Handcrafted galvanized brass screws are used in the clock.

  • the clock can be personalized (any text on clock face instead `Automaton` +10USD).
  • Size : 31*42 cm

* AA battery is not included

** the gears are decorative and they dont move together with the quartz clock mechanism.

*** the clock hands can slightly differ from those on the pics