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The best selling gourd lamp in our Amazon Handmade store is a large, white evil eye theme design almost a replica of what you see in the photos here. The success of this design forced me to think that there would be others who would like to have matching pairs. I have a lot of customers here in my hometown who buy matching pairs of this particular design. My challenge was the cost of a matching pair for my customers in US. The original has a lot of craftwork and with its large size, a trip of two continents increased the cost. I took two measures. The original design has three evil eye circles on its body and for the matching pair, I reduced the circles into two basically decreasing the work on the gourd by 30%. I organized smaller bases saving me about 30 pounds from the shipping. And now I believe that I am able to offer a matching pair with a competitive price and a reasonable shipping cost when considered the size of these gourds.

Each gourd lamp is made to order. Because each calabash is unique and unlike each other by creation, it is impossible to make an exact replica. The calabash I use for this design will have approximate dimensions of 10-12 inch height and 10-12 inch diameter. And I promise you the same design, at same dimensions but there might be minute differences in the shape of the gourd.

I include 2 complementary bases with an on/off switch, 78 inches cabling and a power plug suitable for the US. There is a large hole underneath the lampshade. (Please see photos). Ther gourd lamp will sit on any light source easily which means that you can use your lampshades with almost any other lamp base.

I make personalized gourd lamps and wholesale inquiries welcome