Blue cremation urns for human ashes.


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7.8 " (20 cm ) tall 7.4 " ( 19 cm ) wide Maximum volume of the container about 2.3 cubic decimeter ( 140 cubic inches) This is how we match the size (cubic capacity) of the urn, knowing the weight before cremation: 1 pound healthy body weight = 1 cubic inch ash. f you are looking for a truly unique urn, to celebrate someone who has been the closest to you for years, then you have found it. Each of my urns is different, each is made with love, with utmost care and attention. This urn is formed on a potter's wheel, fired in an electric kiln at very high temperatures for several hours. It is durable, and also resistant to frost. The cremation urn can contain any type of ashes, human or animal. There is a beautiful cobalt blue crystalline glaze on the outside, and dark brown glaze inside. It has been fired in an electric kiln at a high temperature of about 2340 F. Each of my crystalline pieces is original and unique, it is impossible to repeat the design. When the crystals cool down they obtain their final appearance, become permanent and will not change. The glazes are made in my studio where I perform many trials to find out in what temperature they grow best and how long to keep them in the kiln. The glaze must contain the proper chemical composition. Zinc oxide and silica are the formers, they form together zinc silicate. After reaching top temperature as quickly as possible, the kiln is cooled until the temperature where the crystals grow is reached. This is usually about 2100 F-1900 F. The process of creating crystalline glaze is more involved than with other glazes as it has tendency to run off the pot. A special ring must be made for each piece as well as a small plate to catch the glaze in order to protect the shelves of the kiln. After this we face the difficult operation of removing the piece from the pedestal. We must also grind the bottom smooth. The whole process is troublesome, but the effect is stunning.