Bordered Elegant Tree Puzzle Guest Book Alternative | Wedding Guest Book


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This bordered wedding tree puzzle guest book alternative is a unique and thoughtful way to get guests involved. You can hang it on the wall easily with the 16" on center grooves in the back and by attaching the signed pieces with the included sticky dots so they don't fall out once upright. Or challenge yourself by putting it back together down the road. It's also great for other events and fundraisers. The item is made of quality 1/4 inch thick maple plywood. There are two choices for the trunk style. Original- with the trunk in 4 pieces and the dark frame |or| The Dark Textured Trunk- which is one piece and the border is a lighter brown color. The pieces are a fairly large in size, allowing a good amount to be written on them**Make sure to include what you want engraved. In the case of the item pictured, this would be "Carleigh and Zach" You may also choose something like "Mr. & Mrs. Avery 7-10-16" or "Jenny (heart) Ricky August 5th 2016" Anything in parenthesis will be considered a symbol or icon. I will engrave it and I will design it to look as best as possible to fit within the heart.** **There are various Font's you can choose from for this item. They are included in one of the pictures with a letter symbolizing each. You can also choose a font of your own liking, as long as it is free for me to download, just supply me with the link to where I can download it. and both have a good selection. Choose which font you prefer upon your order from the drop down list on the right side.