Clock on vacuum tubes indicators IN-14 Tubes Clock with 6 Tubes, handmade, steampunk style, nixie


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Clock on vacuum tubes indicators in-14. 1970-1980, the release of them ended almost 40 years ago, but this does not prevent them from working in our watches for decades. We use only new lamps from storage. The lamps have a warm, pleasant to the eye, not transmitted through the photo, the glow that gives the beauty to any interior and allows you to instantly find out the time, simply by looking at the clock, especially at night. The project is fully developed and implemented by us (scheme, firmware, assembly) no copypaste (smiley) Functional: - 12/24 time format - automatic adjustment lamp brightness and backlight, - RGB backlight, fully adjustable. with fixation of color you want - customizable numbers run cycle, from 0-9 to extend the lamp life. -12 months warranty.