Completely Painted White Stump Table Bedside Table Sofa Table Stump Stool – 9-10″ diameter Custom Heights Available – 8″-17″ Tall


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- This wood has been salvaged. For many years similar logs had gone to waste. After making a connection with the supplier I decided to re purpose them for something unique and beautiful. - I can make it in varying heights, just select the height you need from the drop down above. - All pieces will be 9-10" in diameter - The items in the picture have been sold. They are an example of the item I will make for you. What you receive will be similar in appearance. - I have flattened top, and bottom. Bottom of the piece is lightly sanded. - The bottom will have nickel plated adjustable leveling furniture gliders. To protect your floor, and make incremental adjustments if you find it necessary. - I have already done the sanding. I used belt sander, and orbital sander with 220 grit to take down most of the saw marks, and give the whole piece a very smooth feel. - The wood has thoroughly dried - It has also been heat treated in a steam kiln - The stumps are going to have splits and cracks. This is perfectly natural and will not affect its strength or usefulness