Copper Leaf Ceramic Cremation Urn for Ashes, Raku Pots, SacredUrnsEtc by Susan Fontaine Pottery


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Copper Leaf Raku Raindrop Urn 9 1/2" tall including Raindrop Lid by 6 1/4" wide This piece will hold up to about 115 lbs. living weight of ashes. The finial lid on this urn was inspired by a touching story about an individual raindrop that falls from the sky and then merges into the infinite ocean of divinity. I threw it on the wheel and created the symbolic raindrop merging into the ocean. I then bisque fired it before glazing with a "copper" glaze and firing it in a raku kiln. At a precise temperature it was quickly pulled and "reduced" in a trash can to produce the elemental effects. The Raku process creates striking colors that can change over time and are best kept away from direct sunlight. The wooden base is sold in customizations for $20. The lid can be temporarily sealed with museum wax or permanently sealed with an epoxy glue.