Cough & Sneeze Guard for Customers & Workers Protection, Sales Counter/Reception Clear Acrylic Physical Barrier & Transaction Window for All Retail Stores/Offices/Restaurants etc, Easy to Install


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♦ Reduce exposure to hazards and do not rely on worker or customer behavior. Physical barrier against anyone who is coughing or sneezing. ♦ Desk/ Countertop Clear Acrylic Screen for Protection from Spray and Splatter ♦ Customizable with or without Speak Hole and Backer Transaction Window. ♦ Super easy to install, place screens side by side to create a protective guard between space for public use and space for workers. ♦ PERSPEX acrylic is internationally recognized as a safety glazing material meeting the requirements of ANSI Z.97 and BS 6262 ♦ Each sheet measures 3.3 x 3.3 ft (40 x 40 inch) x 5/16 inch thick ♦ Each sheet comes with two discreet chrome brackets for easy installing on a countertop, reception, desk or any other surface. ♦ Wide Application: Ideal for All Retail Stores, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Offices, Bars, Pubs, Salons and spas, Grocery stores and supermarkets, General merchandise stores, Hospitals, specialty stores and so forth.