Custom Quilt & Rug Hangers (54-60 Inches)


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Our hanger is a safe and beautiful way to provide full support for your valued textile while it hangs on the wall. Simply place the edge of your textile between the two rails and tighten the knobs for gentle even pressure. The 3 knobs are placed above the tapestry so they will not puncture your textile. They provide enough support for heavy rugs.
Sizes: 54-60"
Finished Oak: Medium Stain, Natural Finish, or Dark Walnut Stain - - Finished Maple: Clear Finish, Satin Black or Satin White

Before ordering: Measure textile's width & thickness (packaging dimensions are often incorrect). The textile's width should not be wider than the size ordering. Hanger can be the same width or overhang the textile by 1 or 2" depending upon the look you want. Maximum textile thickness = 3/8". See FAQ for silk rugs and textiles the differ in thickness at the top.

Details: See Production Specs & FAQ. Hardware not included. Use appropriate anchors for your wall. Detailed instructions provided with purchase. Grain & color may vary from photos. Textiles not included.
Time: About 4 wks. - - - Shipping: 2 options at a discounted rate. Check your mailing address before submission. Not responsible for incorrect addresses. - - - Returns: Handmade items are not returnable.