Fireplace Bellows-Chip Carved Snowflake 8


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This is the latest in an ongoing series of chip carved snowflakes that Roy started as a chip carving exercise. The bellows are made out of basswood, and each one is unique. Roy wrote a blog on the process that you can read here: . We finish the wood with shellac, a natural resin that enhances the depth of the wood grain. The bag consists of 2-3 ounce leather, very supple and able to produce a strong draft. We build the bellows with a strong steel hinge (covered by the leather) for dependability and a long life. They come with a rawhide lace tied to the handle, making them easy to display. They measure 20-1/4" long, 7-3/8" wide, 5" deep when open, and 2" deep when closed. As with all of our products, if you would like to have us make our fireplace bellows from a specific wood, or would like additional carving, please contact us, so we can discuss your ideas.