G150 Mahogany Wood Desktop Aircraft Model


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This G150 is beautifully handcrafted out of reclaimed Mahogany Wood. Each piece is crafted with intense detail and finished with three coats of polyurethane coating that gives it a high gloss finish. This fine work of art takes approximately 18 hours of labor to create. If you are a collector or simply want a fine art piece this mahogany model is sure to enhance your home or office. he wide-cabin high-speed Gulfstream G150 was designed, developed, and certified in a joint effort between Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) and Gulfstream Aerospace. The Gulfstream G150 lineage began with the Astra 1125, Astra SP, Astra SPX (1986 - 2002) produced by IAI and then Gulfstream acquired the production line and rebranded the line to the Gulfstream G100. The Astra SPX/Gulfstream 100 had the greatest speed and longest range compared to its competitors but not the cabin comfort needed for a US transcontinental mid- cabin business jet. Accordingly, Gulfstream decided to enlarge the cabin in the G100 from 304 cubic feet to 521 cubic feet in the G150.