Hall House Terrarium


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15" L x 10"W x 18" H The Hall house is named for Dr. George Rogers Hall, a horticulture pioneer. Dr. Hall first visited Japan in 1859 to join the lucrative trade that had already been established between Japan and the United States. Hall filled Wardian cases with Japanese plants, and they set sail from the newly opened Yokohama whaling port. These terrariums protected the flora from the salt air allowing them to survive the long ocean voyage. Dr. Hall's trip was the first time that shipments of Japanese plants came directly to America. Notable specimens included Japanese Maple, Crab Apple, Magnolia, Wisteria, and Hinoki Cypress, slow growing forms of which are frequently trained as bonsai. The Hall house features a box gable roof and a repeating geometric line design, the perfect space for your own bonsai.