Handwoven Wedding/Marriage Rug, Brown and Off White


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This is a Navajo design. I once lived in Albuquerque NM and I remember seeing this in a magazine or book and was so taken with the concept. I didn't weave then but logged it into my brain and have now woven in over 30 years later. At one end is a father, mother and a child, each represented by 1 stripe. At the other end is a different father, mother, and child. The children grow up and come together in the middle as a father, a mother and a child. The design is simple, the concept is amazing. 100% wool. I had dyed the wool in all natural dyes, using walnut shells for the brown and pomegranate for the off while. The ends are linen with a brain at each corner. Measures 25" wide and 35" in length. Dry clean.