HOME ALONE DOVES TWO BOX OPTION The GENUINE ones from John Perry who created them for the movie


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These are perfect if you plan to give one as a keepsake to a friend because each of the pair of Doves COMES IN ITS OWN JEWELRY STYLE BOX complete with a CARD for writing a short note. These are the ONLY AUTHENTIC Doves of Home Alone 2 from John Perry who created them for the movie. Beware of clunky Chinese made wannabees and imitations. SILVERED CORD is INCLUDED but not attached so as to give you the choice to tie it as a LOOP for easy attachment to a tree or tie it as a SINGLE THREAD which will be less conspicuous and allow the doves to move in the slightest breath of air. Hang under a light, from your rear view mirror or elsewhere for year round enjoyment. They are molded from 'Pellucida,' our proprietary compound of resins that looks like porcelain,but unlike porcelain is very strong. They look so delicate and are as light as a feather, but they can withstand being dropped on the floor and other types of abuse. The Doves are approximately three inches in wingspan and two inches from beak tip to tail. Each of the pair are different as in the movie. The one with its wings up necessitates a slightly larger box, so you have the choice of the larger box with a note that allows room for more words, or a smaller one that is really cute. To appreciate the exquisite sculpting of these little birds, hold them up to a light. They are translucent and you can see the skilled work that went into the carving of the wings - the feathers on one side of the wings perfectly matches the feathers on the other. Wedding favors - these individually boxed Doves make lovely wedding and party favors. Please contact us about volume discounts and customized labels and insert cards.