Large Ceramic Candle Urn, Pit Fire Pottery, SacredUrnsEtc by Susan Fontaine Pottery


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Pit Fired Candle Urn 7 1/4" tall, 7 1/2" wide This urn holds up to about 155 lbs. of live weight ashes and makes a lovely addition to your home or wherever it is placed. This special piece was created as a prayer pot, funeral urn or simply as a decorative art piece for your home. I created it to hold a small tea light candle to be used during a special ceremony or for reflective moments. It can be lit for the Memorial or Celebration of Life service or on special occasions such as an anniversary or birthday to honor and celebrate the memory of a loved one. It can also hold written intentions and messages to a loved one or house sacred or special objects. Pit Firing is a magical process. The pots are unglazed and finished by the elements of nature. Each piece is totally unique and cannot be replicated! I threw this piece on the wheel with porcelain and then burnished it with a fine terra sigillata before bisque firing. It was then placed in the ground in a large sawdust lined pit along with other pots. It was covered with kelp, manure, coffee grounds, wood and other organic materials and set fire. I absoluetly love this process and the elemental qualities and colors the fire produces! This pot has been sealed with an acrylic sealer for durability and protection. Wooden Bases are available in customizations, black or mahogany for an additional $20. 2 tealight candles provided with every urn. The lid can be temporarily sealed with museum wax or permanently sealed with an epoxy glue.