Large Raindrop Finial Ceramic Cremation Burial Urn for Ashes, Crystalline Pottery, SacredUrnsEtc by Susan Fontaine Pottery


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Raindrop Finial Crystalline Urn 10" tall including fineal top and 5 1/2" wide. This urn will hold up to a shy 135 lbs. living weight of ashes. I designed this urn after a beautiful story that tells of an individual raindrop that falls from the sky and merges into the ocean of divinity. I threw this piece on the wheel and then hand carved the raindrop falling into the ocean fineal on the lid before putting it through the multi-step Crystalline process. Crystalline glazing is a particularly beautiful but equally involved process. The pieces are brought to a high temperature quickly in the kiln and then soaked at a slightly lower temperature to allow for the special crystals to form from the zinc "seeds" in the glaze. A special "pedastal" must be made for each piece to catch the glaze as it runs down the vase. Then the vase must be carefully (the vase can be easily broken at this point) separated from the pedastal and then the foot is ground smooth. These glazes are lead-free and non-toxic. Food and machine safe. Each vase has a clear, interior liner glaze. Crystals sparkle like snowflakes when displayed in natural or under bright lights. Every item displayed is ready to ship. Each crystalline piece is unique and cannot be duplicated. The exact same glaze and firing schedule will produce varying crystals from piece to piece! Unfortunately photographing these pieces often does not show the reflective beauty and exquisite crystals of the piece. Wooden bases sold in variations for $20 Lids may be temporarily sealed with museum wax or permanently sealed with an epoxy glue.