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11 inches width

16 inches height

Christmas gift , My Passion of Lamp Crafting

I have always felt complete in nature. I chose crafting gourds and developing them into lamps, because "giving light" as a concept seemed quite in harmony with my understanding of universe and humanity. I personally think there is an inner light in each individual which is due to be fully discovered and reflected out to be able to be in complete touch with the universe. The idea of a person reading my story and preferring my lamp, getting on a path to their inner light feels really wonderful. I mostly intend to make combinations with natural concepts such as prefering wood bases for my desk and floor lamp collections. Right now, I am working on a new collection of brass & copper combinations with gourd lamp. I personally believe the nature itself is an artist and I am just glad for being able to unite nature's different works all together.

Customized Production

I accept all type of custom orders such as engraving names or different color applications or patterns. Just let me know what you have in mind via a describing text or a photo that inspires you. We will discuss further on the project one on one.


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Gourd Lamps for Boho Decoration

Add a bit of gypsy, bohemian styling into to your home by placing gourd lamps around. The eclectic spirit lies within the nature-inspired deco items. Our gourd lamps are crafted of only natural materials. The gourd lamps are perfect mix and match combinations with kilim pillows, moroccan rugs, Spanish accents and rustic interiors.