Live Edge Texas Pecan Slab Epoxy Wall Clock”Tropic” copper medallion with flowers, vintage clock hands


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This is a delightfully shaped piece of wood with Electric blue highlights. Live Edge Texas Pecan Slab Wall Clock "Tropic". A round copper piece with a vinyl overlay, play up this work of art, complimenting the blue epoxy fill. Recycled mid century hands give it a vintage feel yet still feeling very modern. Slipping into any decor and becoming the focal point of any room. A pretested, sweeping (no tick), high torque, quartz battery movement, requires 1(AA) that powers the clock movement. Heavy duty hanger and rubber bumpers assure a tight fit to the wall. Makes an awesome gift to impress for any number of occasions! It can be yours now! -Live edge Texas pecan slab hand oiled and sealed in a matte finish -Live edge is hard sealed to prevent breakdown -Recycled copper, cut, and sealed to a satin finish -Vintage repurposed hour, minute hands , and custom spinning flower second hand -Heavy duty hanger and rubber bumpers on rear -Pretested, sweeping (non-tick), high torque, quartz battery movement 1(AA Battery) not included -Slab is 4.75 inch wide x 11.5 inch height x 2 inch width inches, sits roughly 3 inches off wall with hands, weighs roughly 3.25 lbs