Lovely Moderne Art Stabile by Atomic Mobiles – Retro Mid Century Modern Style


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WHAT IS A STABILE? A stabile is a free-standing kinetic art mobile that sits on a flat surface, so you do not need to hang it, you simply set it and enjoy. The word "stabile" was coined by the Dadaist Jean (Hans) Arp in 1931 for the founder of art mobiles and stabiles. You can place it on any desktop, tabletop, counter, or shelf, really any flat level surface. This stabile measures 15" tall x 18" wide and is made of high quality 1/8" thick acrylic circle shapes, acrylic base, and satin stainless steel wire. No assembly required, it arrives at your door ready to enjoy. If you love Atomic Ranch magazine, 50s retro, Eames, midcentury modern, Blenko glass, Knoll, feng shui, danish modern, mod -- and everything in between -- you will love this stabile! I make each custom art mobile carefully and slowly to ensure a high quality art piece that you will enjoy for years. In this age of poorly mass-produced-made-in-China cheap products, it will be well worth the brief wait to own a custom art piece that was custom handmade ESPECIALLY FOR YOU to be enjoyed for years to come. I truly appreciate your support! Want different colors? No problem. See my Color Chart and let me know what colors you'd prefer.