Manatee and Calf Figurine of Hand Blown Glass on Coral


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Hand blown glass manatee and calf sculpture is a unique work of art created by Kevin Prochaska, Disneyland glass blower for 10 years. Manatee figurine is mounted on artificial coral. This manatee mother keeps a watchful eye on her newborn calf as she gently nudges her baby out of danger. Underwater creatures are one of my favorite subjects as they lend themselves so beautifully to the glass medium. I make the sculpture entirely by hand from Borosilicate Crystal. The brilliant rainbow of colors is created when I apply 24k gold to the glass while it is still molten. Sculpture measures approximately 5.5 inches long by 5.5 inches tall. All coral used in my sculptures is artificial and shows off the colors in the glass beautifully. The coral is exact in every detail including its weight of nearly one half pound. I personally sign each sculpture and an attractive information card trimmed in gold foil is included with your purchase.