Moroccan Wedding Blanket / Handira “La Croisette”


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"Handira" AKA "Berber Wedding Blankets": Part glam and part bohemian chic, Moroccan wedding blankets, traditionally referred to as Handiras, have gained global popularity in the last few years largely thanks to their Neutral colors - Which makes them fit for any room - and their characteristic sparkle which makes them ultra unique. So unique in fact that you can help it but be smitten on their sight. No two blankets in my store are the same. Each blanket is unique in its motifs, colors and craftsmanship and the finishing is unmatched. About the "Berber Wedding Blankets": The "Handiras" are the reflection of a woman's handcraft and source of pride which means that the handers are the finest produce of the amazigh women.The women of each tribe weave their "Handira" in colors and motifs that are unique to their tribe. The uniqueness allows each women to distinguish her self from the women of the other tribes and because this tradition has been kept alive until today, we can link the origins of each Handira style to a specific Tribe while it is much harder to do with the carpets.