Nixie Tube Clock 4x IN-14 Vintage Table Clock Like Seen in Travelers on Netflix


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Our Vintage Nixie Tube Clock is handcrafted using 4x IN-14 Nixie tubes. These Nixie tubes are at least 35 years old in history, and from the former Soviet Union. We can best describe our clock as a vintage technology combined with a crafty elegance in a subtle wooden handmade enclosure.

This beautiful clock brings to your home a piece of history with its durable vintage components. The soft and warm glow of the Nixie tubes makes it perfect to use it in your bedroom without disturbance to your sleep. The stunning colors glow in a properly distributed and beautified manner that gives your room a classy touch.

The brightness of the clock is pre-set at a medium level.
Blue LEDs behind the Nixie tubes will help you set the clock and have decorative effects that you can disable if desired.
You can display time in 12 or 24 hours format.
Built-in battery socket for proper time backup during power interruptions.
The Vintage Nixie Clock was designed to work below its operation point to ensure the tubes last longer for you.
To avoid cathode poisoning, you will see a slot machine effect from 1:00 till 4:00. By turning on the numbers evenly, we extend the lifespan of the clock.
Auto-backlight shut down for a comfy night-mode operation from 22:00 till 7:00.
The Nixie Clock can work flawlessly across all continents because it accepts 110V - 240V in both 50 and 60 Hz frequencies.

Vintage Nixie Tube Clock
Power Adapter (included EU/US/AU/UK socket)
User's manual

Let's give your room a beautiful lift with this long-lasting vintage nixie clock. Have your family and friends adore your room on their next visit.