Orgonite Pyramid to Manifest Abundance


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This orgone pyramid is created with the intention to manifest abundance in all areas of your life!

An amethyst point channels healing energy out the tip of the pyramid, infusing your space with balanced, clean energy. Garnet and carnelian surround the amethyst point to release stagnant energy, boost Self-confidence, and stimulate the creative flow of energy through the body. A bed of green aventurine rests over vibrant flowers from my altar dedicated to Lakshmi rest over copper and brass. In the middle is a crystal grid of mookaite jasper, tigers eye, dumortierite and citrine! Aventurine and citrine are used to attract abundance and good fortune on your path. Mookaite jasper helps us connect with the electromagnetic energy currents of the Earth, strengthening the will and supporting the focus of personal power. Tigers eye offers protection and fortifies the Solar Plexus. Dumortierite strengthens mental focus and clear communication. The base is a layer of brass over pure bronze.

Activate your energy centers, ground into Gaia, and manifest the world of your dreams.

Please note every Violet Flame Orgone creation is hand made and therefore one of a kind. The images above accurately portray the size, aesthetics and energy of the pyramid; however, you will receive a unique creation intended for you.

measures: 2.25" square at the base x 2" tall

∞∞∞ May we change the way we operate on an individual level and effect the vibration of the whole. This is my dream. ∞∞∞