Pandemic Design Studio Small Diagonal Configuration. The Node Collection – A modular and modern ceramic wall mounted planter system


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The Small Diagonal Configuration contains three 6 inch and four 3 inch Nodes.

The Node Collection is a space efficient and sculptural indoor or outdoor modular ceramic wall mounted planter system. Each size in The Node Collection is hung individually with a single screw or Velcro and can be displayed alone or together in groups to create a sculptural living wall. Because of the modular design, various color options, and five different sizes, end users and designers alike can mix and match to create a totally personal and custom arrangement of their own in any quantity, to fit any space, and on any budget. The seemingly infinite arrangement combinations of the various sizes and colors keep this collection extremely fresh, vibrant, and full of new and exciting possibilities. Patented in The US and Foreign Countries.

Inspired by nature, from the curves of the node of a tree where the branch extends out from the trunk. This highly refined form with swooping lines is not only pleasing to look at but provides a perfect vertically hung vessel for your favorite plant to thrive in.

High fired ceramic stoneware (will not crack when frozen), food safe glaze.

Gunmetal (Semi - Gloss)
Dark Gray (Gloss)
Medium Gray (Gloss)
Light Gray (Gloss)
White (Gloss)

Custom color runs are possible for an additional fee and a large quantity requirement. Please email us with any questions through our website.

Mounting a Node is as easy as hanging a picture as Nodes require just one screw or nail to hang on. The use of Velcro is a great option for hanging on clean tile, metal, wood, drywall, or stone. The adhesive on Velcro is not water soluble meaning if it gets wet, your Node will stay put. Velcro is an excellent option in bathrooms and showers. There are multiple hanging holes if needed and a drain hole with an optional rubber plug, and if using the plug, NODES WILL NOT LEAK!

Plants not included.