Solid walnut log bowl, hand carved by Java Woodworks


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This solid walnut tray is a perfect example of rustic elegance. I cut and carved this bowl from a solid walnut log. First, using my trusty Stihl chainsaw, I cut the rough shape from the log, which I hand picked from reclaimed walnut logs found throughout Michigan. I then remove the bark and hollow out the center. Then, in my woodshop, I used carving tools to sculpt and craft the wood to its final shape. Following the nature contours and revealing the grain patterns and color. You will see I left the the branch off-shoot on the side. This adds unique charm and visual interest. I love the contrast of the creamy white to the chocolate brown wood grain color. On the underside, each end has the original chisel gouge marks I cut in for a special touch of authenticity. The Java Woodworks logo is branded on the bottom too. The dimensions of this walnut bowl are: 28" long x 10" wide x 2" tall. This is tray is perfect for displaying on your kitchen island or perhaps the living room. The smooth finish is waterproof and food-safe. It is creating by applying several coats of a durable oil-urethane topcoat. Then the topcoat is hand rubbed to a smooth, satin sheen which brings out the deep rich, chocolate brown color of the walnut.