Square Rustic Farmhouse End/Side Tables, Reclaimed Barn wood top with Metal hairpin Legs, Wooden Country Farm Style Living Room Furniture.


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SIZE OPTIONS We offer this table in three sizes, 18" 20" 24" . HEIGHT VARIATIONS We know couch heights can vary dramatically so we offer this table in three height options: 15", 17" and 23". FINISH OPTIONS: This is a big one, lets break it down MIXED BARNWOOD GRAY. This is real aged wood and colors and textures vary from barn wood browns to barnwood light grays to Barn Wood dark greys. The wood also typically has knots and nail, screw,and sometimes bolt holes from its previous lifes. We do lightly sand and then cover the barnwood with a matte polyurethane to protect you from the wood and the wood from you. However, it will still have lots of texture, feel rough, and uneven. You have been warned! NATURAL MATTE. The Natural matte finish uses the same reclaimed barn wood, but we run it through the saws and sanders to give it a more even finish. It will have the same knots, nail holes and even saw marks as the mixed barnwood, as well as variation in color depending on the age and grain of the wood. The natural finish is also given a light coat of matte polyurethane for protection and to bring out the amazing natural colors hidden within the reclaimed wood. MEDUIM and DARK STAIN. We start with the natural matte tabletop and add a stain to give the wood a medium or dark brown finish. There will still be variation in color depending on how the different woods react to the stain and the knots, nail holes, and saw marks will still be visible, but less distinct. PAINTED COLORS. We start with the mixed barnwood and hand paint it in any one of our assortment of color options. We then "distress"(you can specify) to what level.