Steampunk industrial table lamp with classic edison lamp and retro metal details


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Home lighting, for a country house, steampunk table lamp. Unique rare spare parts from an UAZ car, with a combination of copper bronze and plumbing and factory covers for electric motors. 1980 Parts Release This lamp is often considered just a functional part of our home, but many lamps can serve as a work of modern art. The lamp in an industrial style is handmade by a craftsman. The lamp of complex shape, clear lines and bright or soft lighting create impressive images that will become a fundamental element in the design of the room, and you will be happy to purchase it. Regardless of whether you create a decorative design, create focused, task-oriented lighting or add an atmosphere of warm general light, lighting is necessary for any space and for your everyday functions. With the right lighting, you can transform a room from an informal setting into a room with rich style and design. weight 3.3 kg material bronze steel copper electro cartridge e26 e27