Wooden Christmas Sled – Vintage Wood Child’s Sled, Winter Holiday Decor


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This is a cute child's sled that would make a great winter holiday display or hung on a cabin wall. This appears to be handmade with wood that was available. This includes very old wood. Although very hard to read, the top is stenciled South's Companion and has decoration in between. It appears to be the original rust red paint. Each of the wood runners have a piece of wrought iron attached to the bottom. A newer rope has been attached. This sled measures, at the longest and widest 36" X 10 1/2". It is 4 1/2" high. Please notice the condition below and look at the pictures carefully.

One runner is slightly longer than the other. Because of this, when standing upright like in the first picture, it does lean. To stand straight, it would need to have something beneath the end of the one runner. The original paint is chipping. The stencils are very hard to read. Please look at the pictures carefully.

This is large and heavy. As always, if I can ship for less, all unused postage will be refunded.

This is a sled that at one time was used to have great fun. Now it would be great as a nice winter decoration or hung on a cabin wall. Learn more about this item